26 thoughts on ““INDY CHAT”

  1. Anybody ever hang out at Willard Park on the corner of Washington and State Ave.

    Remember the old Army and Navy Surplus store that used to stand on the corner across the street. Us boys used to spend hours looking through that place. Had a friend that lived in Greenfield and he used to catch the bus in Greenfield and it let him off right in front of that old store. Used to meet him there all the time.

    Well that was then and this is now.

  2. A lot of people sending Greenfield photos to us but not to many from other areas. That’s why Greenfield has so many pages. There’s quite a few people over there that has really got into the posting on this website.

  3. Got up early this morning but haven’t been outside yet. Too cold. Not as bad as the last 2 days but still to cold for me.

  4. I’m from Arkansas but lived in Indy for quite awhile. I was married to a girl that live there but when that went South I moved back to Arkansas.

  5. Used to hang out in Greenfield. 10 minute drive to the East on Washington Street. There was a place called Crider’s that me and a couple of friends used to cruise around. Not a bad place for a small town.

    1. Yep, I’ve been around that place a zillion times myself. We always had to hit that place at least 20 times on the weekend. It was always a good place to shoot the shit with everyone and find out what was going on around town.

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