Some say I’m from Indy and talk a lot. Some say I’m from Indy and roamed a lot. Well I am from Indy. I do roam a lot and talk while I’m doing it, so I guess it’s both. That’s why I’m called Indy Rambler. (Actually my Uncle Melvin Carman is the first to call me this.)

RAMBLER = Drifter, Gadabout, Gypsy, Knockabout, Maunderer, Nomad, Roamer, Rover, Stroller, Vagabond, Wanderer, Wayfarer.

At Indy Rambler a little of everything may be found here, because we like just about anything from around Indiana. Cars, Trucks, Tractors, Music, Face Book, You Tube, RV’s, Travel all this with lots of photos. JUST NAME IT, YOU MIGHT SEE IT HERE.

If there’s anything you have that you would like put on here, send it by email: and we will get it on here. You’ll get credit for it somewhere on the page where it is displayed.

The images below will lead to some of our pages, but to really check out our site go to the POST LIST by clicking here for all the posts.

5 thoughts on “INDY RAMBLER ON THE WEB

  1. Love all the stuff you have on this site. Keep up the good times, we never want to forget.

    1. Thanks, love to have everyone leave a comment, that way we know you where here.

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