Arthur Treacher’s Fish & Chips

At one time Arthur Treacher’s Fish & Chips dominated the country. There were around 800 locations in the United States at its peak. Many have forgotten this fast food place.

The restaurants were opened in 1969 and rapidly grew in the early ’70s. The restaurant was named after English actor Arthur Treacher. He was the butler Jeeves in the Shirley Temple movies.

They sold their famous cod fish and chips, that was said to be Arthur Treacher’s recipe from the United Kingdom.

In the 1970s, the price of cod quickly rose and it became way too expensive to serve the fish for such a low price. Their competitors took over.

Now, there are still seven of Arthur Treacher’s restaurants open in the United States. There are three in New York and four in Ohio, the state where the chain first opened.

According to MeTV, one of the restaurant owners in Ohio said, “People drive by, look up and notice the lantern and then stop in. They’re shocked to see that we’re still open.”

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