A hang-out for everyone from 8 to 88. Not only food, they had a movie screen where they showed movies. Al Green’s was well known for the size of their tenderloins. We used to buy a bag of buns on the way and the tenderloins were large enough to make about 3 or 4 more sandwiches.

5 thoughts on “AL GREEN’S DRIVE IN

  1. Usta to get stinking drunk and go there to hang out and watch the bad movies. don’t recall the food being particularly noteworthy. This was in the mid to late ’60s. Maybe some of you will recall “Submarine Movies” Place was open reeel late as i recall after the Tee Pee had closed

    1. My family and I called and asked Al of they were open. I went for my 13th or 14th birthday about 83ish.
      He opened, Belle helped and I had a wonderful time.
      Great people. Dearly missed.

  2. My Dad and Mom used to take us there to watch a movie and have some yummy food. It was back in the sixty I loved it it was such a treat!..

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