13 thoughts on “*CACKLE CORNER

  1. Anybody ever hang out at Willard Park on the corner of Washington and State Ave.

    Remember the old Army and Navy Surplus store that used to stand on the corner across the street. Us boys used to spend hours looking through that place. Had a friend that lived in Greenfield and he used to catch the bus in Greenfield and it let him off right in front of that old store. Used to meet him there all the time.

    Well that was then and this is now.

  2. I like the way they connect some of the stuff to YouTube and FaceBook. It’s like they cross the line between a website and the tube and book.

    1. Your right. They usually have a youtube movie to show what they’re talking about, witch I never though about looking something up on youtube.

    1. Yep ! I’ve been follow this site for awhile. It’s looking better all the time. It’s got a lot of different stuff on here, but I like most of it. I’m ex Army and I like all the car stuff on here.

      The 50’s nostalgia stuff is a little before my time, but I like looking at some of it. Especially the older cars. I really like that.

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