It was located at 240 North Illinois Street in Indianapolis. Opened as the Colonial Theatre on Thanksgiving weekend (November 22) of 1909. First presenting vaudeville, then movies. A Robert Morton organ was installed on May 29, 1927. In 1929 it became a burlesque theatre, and on April 2, 1937 was briefly renamed Empress Theatre, until December 25 1937 when it was renamed Fox Theatre, still presenting burlesque.

It was eventually turned into a porn theatre screening adult movies which closed in late-December 1975. There were plans proposed to convert it into the Victoria Palace Dinner Theatre, but these never came about and the building was demolished. Today the site is the location of the American United Life Insurance building on North Illinois Street.

One thought on “FOX THEATRE

  1. Yeah, we couldn’t get in there when it turned “Adult Movies” weren’t old enough. I think there was another “Adult” one on E. 10th st. What about the Rivoli, could get beat up there on the way home. Here’s one from out of left field “The Old Trail” theater out on W. 40 replete with a roadrunner on the marquis!!!!

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