Well as you’v probably already guessed, we fish from a SUN TRACKER FISHIN BARGE 20 DLX Pontoon. We ordered it with the 90 HP Mercury engine.It’s usually with my brother Daniel and my Cousin Phillip. Most times we take our wives.We hit Brookville Lake in Southeastern Indiana some of the time and we like Lake Cumberland in Kentucky. Also Lake Monroe in Southern Indiana and Dale Hallow Lake down by Obey River.

I really like using this type of lure. They dive pretty deep and we usually catch something. They are not always large but at least we get something on the line.

Went to Geist Reservoir yesterday. It’s located on the Northeast edge of Indianapolis.
Just put a new battery in the Barge and wanted to see how it was doing. I use all the little excuses in the world just to get on the water. As you can see in the photo on the right, I had to try out the fishing also.
Caught a couple of these guys. Not to large but gave a pretty good fight.

Here is another of my favorites. It’s called a Space Monkey

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