26 thoughts on ““INDY CHAT”

  1. Used to hang out at Skateland. Used love roller skating. Went every time I got a chance.

  2. I remember the Dairy Queen all the way on the backside of Irvington Plaza. Used to hit that place quite often. Does anyone know if the place is still there. Haven’t been around Indy in a few years.

  3. I was stationed at Fort Harrison in the late 60s and early 70s. I loved all the clubs around town. The Thunderbird, Green Onion, and a dozen others up and down Pendleton Pike. Can’t forget the Snafu just outside the gate of Fort Harrison on Post Road.

  4. Love Indianapolis in the Spring time when its raining and the trees are starting to leave.

    1. Was by there once. My cousins girl friend got a new 62 Ford convertible and she gave us a ride and buzzed the Dog House. Only time I was there. Drove past many times but never stopped.

    1. Me also. A lot of my friends hung out there. Loved all the hot rods going through there. Could sit there half the night watching them.

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