In 1950, Kenneth Crider moved to Greenfield after serving a stint in the US Navy, attending Butler University. He would build the iconic Crider’s Drive-in Restaurant on West Main Street near the newly proposed Weston Village housing addition. Crider’s would unofficially open in May 1950 with an official grand opening later that summer. The new Weston Village addition homes would be completed by September 1951, and Crider’s would be up and running smoothly just in time for the new families to arrive.

We have been told that the Crider’s below is the one that was started in New Castle. I don’t know why I didn’t catch this before, because I’ve been there several times during the 1960’s.


  1. ya I remember most of them had stop and think about couple of them it was good to bring back memories.

  2. Took me awhile to get all these old photos I’ve collected on here, but finally got most of them.

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