2 thoughts on “INDIANA 100

  1. This goes way back and is neither here nor there .. BUT .. When dad got back from Germany from WW2 … housing was at a premium with all the GI’s coming back . He found a boarding house in Indy .. what was the owners name ? anyway this guy was I guess pretty smart and he and dad would sit around and talk .. kinda like an Uncle I think…. He told dad that the east side was going to see the growth – I think he was located east to east central in the city … anyway he told dad that was the place to be in the future . I see that RD 100 did not get commissioned until the 50’s . I am assuming that land lord of dads was speaking to him in the late 40’s . Very insightful . Mom and dad moved to Arlington and 26th street . Then I was born in 58 . About a year or two later they moved to 3610 Shadeland . If one remembers in the 60 -70’s there was a lot of manufacturing on Shadeland and in that east area . Chrysler – Ford – Western Electric – Gen Air – Navel Avionics – International Harvester ( dad worked there before and after WW2 .) Funny how that old man could see what was going to happen . Dad took his advice and moved to that area and it was prosperous for him .

  2. WOW thanks for the Rd 100 web link … I’ll save it . Didn’t know that Shadeland rd 100 had that behind it .. just thought it was an old st. hyw that was taken over ….

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